Secutor Securities

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Welcome to Secutor Securities, a privately owned, Queensland based provider of cash security, discreet banking, and valuable secure storage services.

Specialising in venue cash management for the sporting and hospitality industries, Secutor offers flexible solutions designed to meet the requirements of any industry where the secure transport, storage and processing of valuable consignments are involved.

Proudly Queensland based and privately owned, Secutor Securities has been operating cash security and armoured transportation services across South East Queensland since 1998. Originally established by the four current working directors to provide cash in transit and cash logistics services to the Queensland horse racing industry, Secutor has now grown to over 40 employees.

Our highly skilled and accredited team offers more than 60 years combined experience in risk and cash management for venues and other commercial operations. Our local industry knowledge and expertise makes us the number one choice for the provision of cash security and valuable cargo services to organisations ranging from sporting clubs and associations to hospitality and concert venues, hotels and charity events, amongst others.

Understanding that every business is different, Secutor's cash management solutions are tailored to meet individual customer needs. This personalised caring service, combined with an excellent reputation for reliability and cost-effectiveness, has seen us retain our original client base to this day.